Versi Cutter™

Cuts clean and smooth edges every time

Say goodbye to cutting sheet metals the old ineffective way with tin snips, grinders and hacksaws.

The Versi Cutter makes cutting all types of metals and other materials quick and easy and leaves a smooth finished edge with no sharp edges, burrs or scratches.

Even better, the Versi Cutter attaches to virtually any drill – electric, cordless, or air-powered that works between 1,500 to 3,000 RPMs and lets you cut from the top or the bottom.


No More Tin Snips, Grinders Or Hacksaws

  • Uniquely designed dye & cutting punch that nibbles out the metal on the downward stroke, making a perfect cut which is smooth to the touch and less likely to rust
  • The unique “bite” will not distort the edges of the material or scratch the surface of the material, leaving a perfect finish
  • Able to cut around corners and tight cuts down to 5/16ths of an inch radius
  • Cuts up to 18 gauge stainless steel, 16 gauge mild steel, 14 gauge brass, aluminium, plastics, fibre glass, laminates, balsa wood, formica, cork, pipes, leather
Versi Cutter closeup shot
Man and boy using Versi Cutter
  • The punch is made of high speed, case hardened steel and can be rotated to cut up to 600 feet of metal on one punch
  • A professional quality tool which has had 20 years of aircraft engineering design incorporated into it
  • Produces no heat or sparks so is safe to touch and use in fragile areas
  • Includes a circle cutter to cut perfect circles, plus free professional fibre glass reinforced drill clamps to bench mount and give you even more control over those precise cuts
  • Can be used in such applications as roofing, construction, customizing cars, plumbing, ventilating, working on boats or kitchens, crafts, decorations
Versi Cutter attach accessories diagram