Transforma Ladder™

The Only Ladder You'll Ever Need

Most jobs require more than one ladder. With the Transforma Ladder, you get up to 35 different ladders in one portable, compact, easy-to-use unit.

Get up close to your work projects and reach tricky areas other ladders don't allow for - even on staircases and slopes. It's one ladder for every job, in every location, inside and out.

One of the safest, strongest, most versatile and functional ladders in the world - is the Transforma Ladder.


Strong & Compact

Family with Transforma Ladders

The Transforma Ladder is a multi-purpose ladder system combining three core components:

One inner ladder unit with two outer ladder units which slide and lock over the inner ladder unit.

The inner ladder has a central locking hinge that allows the Transforma Ladder to be set up in a variety of ways, namely:

  • A-frame Position
  • Extension Position
  • Step Level Position
  • Scaffolding Trestle Position

The secret to the Transforma Ladder is its ability to telescope – unlock the hinge locks, stop at any rung and you get a different size ladder.

Adjust the ladder almost to a 90-degree angle so you can get right up close to your work and into those tight spots safely.

  • Use on stairs and slopes
  • Super-strong, robust construction
  • Inner & outer ladder side rails made from high grade aluminium
  • Inner & outer units made from slip-resistant aluminium
  • Storage footprint of just 1.4m
Man painting house on Transforma Ladder

T24 - 24 Different Sized Ladders in 1

4 step ladder - easily reach a 3m ceiling & up to the windows of a two-storey house

Extension Height: 2.69-4.52m

Step Level Height: 1.315-2.18m

Scaffolding Height: 1.315m

Storage Height: 1.4m

Weight: 15.21kg

T35 - 35 Different Sized Ladders in 1

5 step ladder - reach a 4m ceiling & climb onto the roof of a two-storey house.

Extension Height: 3.30-5.75m

Step Level Height: 1.59-2.73m

Scaffolding Height: 1.59m

Storage Height: 1.7m

Weight: 20.8kg

Transforma Ladders accessories diagram

One ladder for every job...

In every location



What's In The Kit?


Transforma Ladder Testimonial 3

As a plumber, there's lots of jobs I do with the Transforma Ladder™. It goes over every obstacle... it's so easy & compact.

— Josh, Plumber

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  • What is the difference between the 24 and 35 Transforma Ladder™?

    The difference is based on the number of different sizes that your Transforma Ladder can be. 

    T24 is 24 different sized ladders in 1
    T35 is 35 different sized ladders in 1

  • I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your Transforma Ladder manual here

  • What are the specifications of the Transforma Ladder™?

    Transforma 24 Ladder:

    Extension Height - 2.69-4.52m

    Step Level Height - 1.315-2.18m

    Scaffolding Height - 1.315m

    Storage Height - 1.4m

    Weight - 15.21kg

    Transforma 35 Ladder:

    Extension Height - 3.30-5.75m

    Step Level Height - 1.59-2.73m

    Scaffolding Height - 1.59m

    Storage Height - 1.7m

    Weight - 20.8kg