This Powerhouse Multi-Tool Tackles The Lot

From everyday repairs to large-scale renovations - you'll never want to be without it.

It's the tradesmen and DIYer's must-have precision tool - a perfect addition to their arsenal. 

You could use a dozen different conventional power tools for one job.. With the Multi-Tool, it's all your trade tools in one! Easier, faster, better and safer.

Make easy work of big DIY projects with the Multi-Tool.


The Right Tool To Get The Job Done

Man and boy using Multi Tool angle grinder trade tool

Power Of Oscillation

The variable speed Multi-Tool uses oscillation at 8,500- 21,000 times a minute giving unprecedented cutting power for precise, faster cutting.

  • Oscillating action virtually eliminates vibrations, so your hands won't get tired as you work.
  • With eight different angle settings you can work the Multi-Tool into tricky areas – areas that other tools just can't reach.
  • Save both time and money on all your renovating and remodelling DIY projects.

With the Multi-Tool, you can:

  • Cut wood, metal, drywall & copper pipe

  • Grind, sand, scrape & buff

  • Remove grout & putty

  • Cut flush to the wall

  • Plunge cut in horizontal plains

What's In The Kit?

Multi-Tool angle grinder attach accessories diagram

Easy-To-Use Power Tool

Connect any of the attachments to the Multi-Tool with this simple step by step guide.

All accessories & attachments are removed & replaced with a single Allen key, enabling you to switch easily between accessories & increase your work efficiency.



multi tool testimonial 1.JPG

There's the hard way & the easy way... These Multi-Tools have so many different capabilities, it just makes life easier.

— Michael, Flooring Installer

multi tool testimonial 2.JPG


  • What is the difference between the Standard, Deluxe and Mega kits?

    The difference is based on the number of accessories that come with your multi-tool. View a complete list of what is included in each kit here.

  • I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your Multi-Tool manual here