Extra Pair of Hands™

The 10-in-1 Professional Clamping System

Extra Pair of Hands is a must-have clamping system that replicates a number of different types of clamp - all in one.

Hold almost any item, even awkward shapes, in your clamp leaving you with both your hands free to work with on your DIY projects.

Plus the system is portable, so you can take it anywhere you need to clamp, not just your workshop.

Simply and easily attach it to your pick-up truck tail-gate, a saw-horse or on-site workbench!


Accomplish More With An Extra Pair

Saw, Plane, Grind, Carve, Glue, Mill, File & more!

  • Two multi-purpose Vice Jaws with quick adjustment 
  • Flush End Stop extension unit for long & bulky work pieces.
  • Two Pairs of protective Plastic Jaws for delicate objects.
  • One Pair of Metal Jaws for metal-working.
  • One pair of adjustable Tube Clamping Jaws.
  • Adjustable Turntable to use the vice at almost any angle. 
  • Versatile Dill Holder turns the vice into a grinding & polishing unit or portable mini drill.
Extra Pair of Hands clamp on table

The Extra Pair Of Hands
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Extra Pair of Hands clamps - diagram

What's Included?


  • extra pair of hands Testimonial - Anna B

    Anna B

    "I have used the Extra Pair Of Hands™ for many of my job around my cabins. It's super portable, very easy to put together, easy to use. It's fantastic!"

  • Extra Pair of hands clamp Testimonial 1

    Dick G

    "The Extra Pair of Hands™ is pretty much invaluable. I keep finding new uses for it all the time...it's portable, light and strong."

  • Extra Pair Testimonial 2

    Charles G

    "It's one of those tools that you've got to have! If you need anything clamped down and held steady, then this is your tool! I just can't live without it."

  • Extra Pair of hands clamp Testimonial 3

    Carl T

    "I'm a boat builder. The Extra Pair of Hands™ is perfect to clamp curved pieces of timber, engine parts, spinnaker poles. It's just too easy not to have."


  • What are the specifications of the Extra Pair of Hands?

    Weight: 6.7kgs

    Package dimensions: 50cm x 35cm x 11cm

    Material: High-grade hardened alloy | Plastic jaw covers for gripping delicate objects

  • I've lost my manual - where can I find another one?

    You can download your Extra Pair of Hands manual here